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Networking: Satcom has also done networking for small offices with five to six nodes using an 8/16 port hub. This also includes LAN cabling, Network card installation & TCP/IP Stack at each node.

Civil Work: At quite few locations, platform for installing the antenna have to be built. The platform base is approx.10ftx10ft for 1.8 m antenna and 15 ft x 15 ft for 3.8 m antenna.

Steel Structure: At a few locations Satcom has made steel structured platform on slanting roofs of factories/go-downs .The platform here is of the same size and should have flat and even surface.

Earth Pit : Satcom has also made Plate earthings / Chemical earthings – pits for the many customers depending on the requirements of the customer.

ATM Site: Preparation of ATM sites includes work like Civil-construction- flooring, Granite, Architectural work, Electrical wiring and installation of DBs & ELCBs and switches, POP & Gypsum, Aluminum and Glass, Ply Paneling, Furniture and Paint, design and decoration etc.

Wi-MAX : Installation and Maintenance of Wi-Max technology across ahmedabad region.

OFC : Providing and Laying OFC, ROW, Trenching / HDD, Splicing, end termination, Approval-Liaison work etc.

Civil & Electrical Works at Cellular site:

  • Chipping of columns/ Excavation :

    • Excavation is required in GBT site and chipping is required for opening the steel of the column at the rooftop site.

  • Welding at rooftop site:

    • The existing open steel should be welded to the new reinforcement with 1 ft of the welding.

  • Reinforcement:

    • The beam and DG slab should be reinforced as per the structural drawing.

  • Shuttering:

    • Proper shuttering has to be done with keeping required cover for beams and columns. The line level has to be maintained for the same.

  • Anchor bolt & Template fixing.

  • Casting:

    • The required casting has to be done in M15 Grade of concrete.

  • Fabrication & Foundation of DG Room.

  • Earthing & Electrical wiring in shelter & Bus bar fixing.

  • DG & AMF Panel Termination.