Over the years Satcom has earned the goodwill of reliable business partner in the industry.

This achievement is the result of following milestones :
  • Satcom had shifted all VSATs to INSAT3B during satellite shifting activity within a span of 10 days for Bharti BT.

  • Satcom has installed and commissioned 120nos. KU band 1.2M VSATs across the Gujarat, Rajasthan and U.P within a span of 28days only, for SAHARA India project – Bharti BT.

  • Satcom has prepared more than 304 ATMs for UTI, SBI, BOB, UCO, CBI, IB, UBI, PNB, Syndicate, Banks within a span of just near five plus years.

  • Satcom had taken up the activity of repointing the antenna etc. for approximately 30 vsats in cyclone hit areas of Gujarat (Jamnagar,Kandla, Rajkot, Gandhidham, veraval) within span of 3 days, after the cyclone hit the gujarat coast in early 1998.

  • Satcom has pitched into the Bhuj on 3rd day to install PAMA Vsat for Bharti BT after massive Destruction caused due to Earth-quack.

  • Satcom has also done numerous activities like changing the frequency, changing the network, installing additional cards, installing additional hardware in the earthstation as well as out door unit, at various customer locations.

At all the places across Gujarat and part of Rajasthan, Satcom Technology is supposed to provide the requisite support in terms of any/all its activities within a guaranteed time. The maintenance contracts with all customers as per Company’s own policy guarantees them a response time of less than 12 hours in remote locations and 4-6 hrs. in major towns in Gujarat. Thus, it becomes imperative for Satcom to be highly responsive in its service.