The Company
Satcom started its operations in early 1996, with small-time maintenance and installation of computer systems. In the early days, Satcom took up all jobs related to peripheral services and maintenance of computers in and around Ahmedabad. It tied up with various small and big Hardware Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, and was able to install approximately 100 computers within the span of a single year.

After building a reputation for itself in a very short span of time, Satcom was ready into enter into a bigger alliance. In March 1999, we entered into a strategic alliance with Bharti BT Ltd. for maintenance and support of VSATs in and around Gujarat. The Franchisee Agreement with Bharti BT covered – other than the maintenance services like installation of different sizes dish antenna for VSATs (1.8m,2.4m and 3.8m) , getting the sites ready after proper survey for erection of antennae, aligning the VSAT Antenna with the satellite, commissioning VSAT etc.

The franchisee Agreement with Bharti BT, initially covered only its TDM/TDMA technology based VSATs. This was later on upgraded, based on Satcom’s performance, to include the SCPC based larger VSATs in early 2000 and KU band (1.2M antenna) technology in 2002, across the Gujarat and part of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Besides the alliance with Bharti BT, Satcom has also tied up with the companies like HCL Comnet (Year 2000) and TATA-NET (Year 2003), Satcom also diversifies its scope of activities by entering the business with TATA Communications –TCISL (Year 2009) for I&M of Wi-MAX, OFC, Buried Lines etc.., apart from the above diversified into OFC, Trenching, LAN cabling, Telephone Line cabling, Industrial electrical contracts, installation of telephone exchanges and all the support activities in these areas and scope of work also includes expertise services like installation of the PDB / UPS, installation and configuration of routers and modems, installation of networks and maintenance of the same.

In another major alliance Satcom has entered into a contract with Diebold Systems P. Ltd. (Year 2003) and FSS Ltd. In ( Year 2007) for Preparing entire ATM sites across the Gujarat state for different banks like UTI, SBI, Bank of Baroda, Syndicate bank, Union Bank, Central Bank, UCO bank, Indian Bank and few more.

Preparation of ATM sites includes work like Suggesting a suitable outlet, Civil-construction-flooring, Architectural, Electrical wiring and installation of PDB & ELCB and switches, POP & Gypsum, Aluminum and Glass, Furniture and Paint, design and decoration etc.. All above activities are defined as a single point responsibility which also includes Co-ordination with the concern authority of Bank and the few vendors like AC, UPS and VSAT suppliers.

The company also tied-up with M/s. Supreme Telecommunications Ltd. Mumbai through M/s. Telstra Vcomm Ltd., for giving services as installation of VSAT, Platform Construction, Procurement and installation of External & Internal Cable Tray, Procuring and Laying of 30pair Telephone Cable, Procuring and laying of Single & Three phase Electrical Cable and lots of supportive activities for supporting Four ONGC site at Ankleshwar, Mehsana, Cambay, Ahmedabad, for their ICENET Project. Satcom has successfully completed the ICENET Project of ONCG in a stipulated time of One and half month only.

In another major alliance Satcom has entered into a contract with M/s. Vodafone (Hutch) in March, 2005 for Preparing Cellular tower foundation & Electrical work across the North and Central Gujarat state for different sites.

In another major alliance Satcom has also entered into a contract with M/s. Aircell-DISHNET Wireless Ltd. in March, 2006 for Preparing Cellular tower & Pole Mount Foundationn, Civil,Electrical & DG Installation work across the Gujarat state for different sites.